1. Miss Simoni is the fashion house brought to you by Aruna Arya. Born in Calcutta-India the land of rich culture and art along with years of experience in the beautiful city life of San Francisco-USA, MISS SIMONI reflects a unique sense of fashion that never fails to catch the eye. The brand MISS SIMONI is a product of a passionate little girl who dreamt to glamorize the world. After dedicating long hours for years in different fields of fashion, winning competitions, freelancing as a fashion designer and as a consultant, blessed with an eye for fashion and determination in all her work, she made this dream come true.

    Aruna Arya's natural fashion sense was further augmented by dual degrees in fashion and business, which helped make way for MISS SIMONI in a competitive market. This brand already has a strong grip over its clients with the perfect combination of impeccable quality designs and affordable prices you cannot resist.

    Her wide choice of products decorates a woman with new trends every season that range from garments, scarves, handbags, and so much more. People that have walked into the MISS SIMONI store have never failed to revisit.

    Our website gives you the opportunity to indulge in our fashion. And if you're around the block, why not drop by the store and experience our warm hospitality!

  2. Miss Simoni Green Military Jacket and Wool Scarf Beige Floral Collar Cotton Shirt Black Metal Ear-rings and Corporate Dress and Leather Shoulder Purse Rhinestone Owl Earrings and Beaded Dress Beige Bow Hat and Shoulder Wool Dress

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